About us

European workers and expats are almost indispensable in today’s economy.

Hand in hand with the WAB Projects team, our experts ensure that as many recurring frustrations that contractors are experiencing are avoided as much as possible.
Some major frustrations soon became apparent:

  • Unmotivated workers
  • Tired workers
  • Workers frustrated with each other

Our analysis of these frustrations brings us to the basic needs comfort, privacy and space where we come in.

Like everyone else, workers, who spend an average of 50-70 hours a week together on site, need regular rest and privacy. Sufficient space makes this possible.
Everyone knows the phenomenon of 20 workers in an apartment of 100m².

This is where WAB Housing comes into the story.

WAB Housing provides quality housing throughout Belgium. We do this for both Belgian and European companies, small and large groups, short and long term.
There are houses, apartments, living units available for workers or expats (furnished or without furniture). If you do not find what you are looking for, fill in our form (Link) and as soon as something is available according to your wishes, in the right region, for the right budget and number of people, we will contact you.


At WAB Housing we are aware that comfortable housing has a positive influence on the workers / expats and therefore also on their work.
Welfare and comfort in terms of housing is therefore THE starting point for all good projects.